Change to Village Utility Bill Frequency

Posted on Friday May 10, 2019 at 03:51PM

The Village of Edgerton recently implemented a small change in how we interact with residents and their utility accounts with the Village.

As described in the mailout and attached picture, utility bills will no longer be issued on a monthly basis. Instead, bi-monthly bills will be issued to residents (unless they have elected to have an annual utility amount).

The Village feels this small change will produce several benefits:

Water meters are read on a bi-monthly basis, meaning every bi-monthly bill will present an accurate and verifiable meter reading;
The Village saves time and money on envelopes, paper, ink, and stamps by not issuing monthly bills;
Residents are able to reduce waste and receive half of the paper.

To be clear: the change in the issuing of utility bills will not impact the actual monthly utility amount. Additionally, if a resident would prefer to continue paying a set monthly amount, we encourage that as an option as well.


Author: Village of Edgerton


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In 1967, the Edgerton Board of Trade canned the local water and marketed it as the "World's Finest Naturally Soft."