2019 Edgerton Community Leadership Scholarship Part 1

Posted on Wednesday July 03, 2019 at 03:00PM

The Village is excited to share some pieces from the successful essay written as part of our 2019 Edgerton Community Leadership Scholarship, awarded at this year's Edgerton Public School Graduation.

The essay was written by Kensey Spornitz. We would also like to thank all other applicants and we look forward to next year's applications!

Part 1
"I have always been proud to call Edgerton my home; the friendly people, the inviting community and the endless support. I know wherever I go and whatever I do, I can reflect back to my roots and say “that’s where I came from, they made me who I am.” My name is Kensey Spornitz and I have lived and gone to school in Edgerton all of my life. I live on a 4th generation farm, north of Edgerton and am fortunate to have been brought up in such a welcoming community. It is a natural thing for my family to be involved with the community, I have grown up watching them be actively involved in multiple sport and recreational committees, 4-H groups and different boards, such as the Agricultural Society, Seed Plant, Library, Golf Club, Curling Club and School Board.

Growing up with such a powerful encouragement of community involvement, I myself have become involved with various committees representing our village, being part of the 100 year celebration, the curling committee and 4-H. Working for the village as a summer student, helping in the upkeep of the outside appearance, growing trees, watering flowers, cutting grass etc. was an honour as I got to do my part to keep my village –my home- looking beautiful. During this job, I also go the opportunity to work with the local youth, planning activities and games for them, hopefully inspiring them to be proud of their hometown and help them to have an understanding of the importance of community involvement."

Author: Village of Edgerton


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Due to snow blocked roads, which made winter travel difficult or even impossible, doctors from Edgerton drove 15-20 miles with a horse and cutter in order for them to tend to their patients in case of sickness.