Edgerton Public School Breakfast Program

Posted on Monday February 08, 2021 at 05:13PM

A message from the Edgerton Public School Breakfast Program volunteers:

"The Edgerton Public School Breakfast Program is up and running again this year. Our program has always relied heavily on volunteers and donations. Due to our current situation with Covid 19 we are not permitted to have extra people in the school, or donated homemade goods.

We are sending out this memo to let everyone know that the program would gratefully accept donations of any amount to assist in keeping our program running. Due to the regulations of Covid 19 we are having to purchase everything this year meaning the cost of running the program has increased significantly. Please send donations to Edgerton Public School office cheques must be made to Edgerton Public School Foundation.

Thanks so much. If you have any questions please contact Michelle Christensen 1-780-806-6961"

Author: Village of Edgerton


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Edgerton was named after one of the workers laying down the rail way tracks. Determined to have the name pronounced properly, he inserted the “d” into the name Egerton.