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Posted on Wednesday February 10, 2021 at 10:25AM

Attention Edgerton! This is an awesome opportunity, please help contribute your voice!
A message from the Edgerton Arena:

“Ok Edgerton and area!!! We have a week to gain rally points for our arena!! Here’s what you can do to help!
- click the link below and register your name and email address
- on the Edgerton arena page, submit photos, a story, or a note to gain rally points!
- share to Facebook and Twitter from the Edgerton arena Hockeyville page for more rally points!
The more rally points the better... they make a difference in which arena gets awarded the nomination! Winner gets $250,000 in arena upgrades and a chance to host an NHL preseason game!
Share share share!!! Thank you!!!”

Edgerton Arena Hockeyville page here.

Author: Village of Edgerton


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Due to snow blocked roads, which made winter travel difficult or even impossible, doctors from Edgerton drove 15-20 miles with a horse and cutter in order for them to tend to their patients in case of sickness.